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If you are ready to step up your professional game, grow- or multiply your business results- and impact, or get BIG ideas of the ground, you are at the right place…

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How would you like to have a confidential sounding board and work with a Strategic Thinking Partner who could help you and your team to:

# Create a clear strategic plan and roadmap for business-, team- or personal growth?

# Stay focused in a world of ever-increasing complexity in all areas of life?

# Conceptualise, plan and launch strategic initiatives?

# Develop strategic relationships to create better results in your business- and life in general?

# Get more business, boost productivity and profits, without working longer hours?

# Increase professional confidence, visibility and recognition as an authority in your field?

# Renew professional passion and energy?

How I can help you . . .

As an experienced business consultant and coach, who has been in both the corporate world and in my own business for more than 20 years, I have seen and experienced the challenges, complexities, time-pressures and overwhelm that often come with the territory.

Regardless if you are part of a corporate team or in your own business, I know that your success is directly linked to your ability to think ahead, craft powerful strategies to achieve your goals, get organised and take decisive action to move ahead. This is where I give you the leading edge – stepping in as the strategic thinking partner for smart executives, entrepreneurs and women in business. Helping you to play a bigger game. Leading you to improve your strategic thinking. Facilitating a process where you can achieve more significant results, at business-, team- and personal levels.

What separates my services from others is my ability to creatively combine the best of consulting, coaching and mentoring, to help clients define exactly WHAT they want to be, have or do in business and HOW they intend to get there – in essence, charting a unique roadmap for business success.

At Inovizion, we work with individuals and companies in the services sector. We specialise in:

  • Business- and Strategic Planning
  • Executive-, Business- and Group Coaching
  • Strategic Networking

I’m ready to help individuals and businesses who want to move up to the next level, create better results or get BIG ideas off the ground. I also help individuals who consider trading the corporate world for a new career or business venture.

Ready to get started?

If you are interested in working with me and my team to create remarkable results, why not request a no-obligation introductory session, where we can get acquainted and see if I can help you?

Take action TODAY by contacting us through our contact page or request a complimentary success guide from this website!

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Are you measuring up when it comes to Personal Responsibility?

Are you measuring up when it comes to Personal Responsibility?

We are living in a day and age where few people are held responsible for their actions (or more often, lack of action).  It seems to have become the norm for many of our business- and political leaders to apportion blame or provide eloquent reasons (aka excuses) as to why things went wrong, or why they did not deliver the desired results. In recent weeks and months we have heard about the Education Department’s non-delivery of textbooks, striking mine-workers, service delivery protests, labour unrest in many sectors and the excessive consulting-spend... Read More →

How are you showing up for Business?

How are you showing up for Business?

Have you ever critically evaluated how you show up for business? The first impression that you are making or the impact that your presence has on a given situation? Ever wondered if you could do something differently to have a more powerful presence and impactful intercation when you show up for business? It is not only my opinion, but also my experience that HOW you show up for business or in the workplace will determine your results – and your success. Let me share 5 quick strategies that will shape the first impression: Dress for success. ... Read More →

When things go wrong

When things go wrong

We have all experienced adversity or some set-back at some time or another. That nauseating, gut-wrenching feeling when something goes wrong (trust me, I have had this feeling MANY times in my life).  It might be something simple like a car break-down or getting stuck in a traffic jam. Or it might be something more significant like losing a key client, missing a tender submission deadline, the sobering realisation that your project will horribly run over budget, or even being the victim of crime.  Regardless of the financial, emotional or time... Read More →

Do you have a book in you?

Do you have a book in you?

In my coaching and consulting practice I often see clients who want to share their knowledge, expertise, ideas or life-stories in some way or another. Getting published, regardless if it is in the print- or digital world, is great way for professionals to position themselves as specialists or go-to experts in a field. It is also channel through which regular people can reach others and impact lives in a really big way. Years ago, publishing was a somewhat mysterious and expensive process for the regular person out there. Authoring a book was just... Read More →

Top tips for Productive Business Meetings

Top tips for Productive Business Meetings

You have probably attended at least a few in your lifetime. Those boring, brain-numbing time-wasting meetings that drone on forever. The meetings where nobody ever seems to get to the point and most people leave wondering why they were even present. Well, you have to admit that meetings are sometimes a necessary evil.  They play an important part in planning, preparing, communicating, influencing and concluding business. So, how can you ensure they create great results? Having an effective, productive meeting that leaves you energised and satisfied... Read More →

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