5 Ideas to Improve Personal Productivity

Have you at any stage of your personal or professional life reached a point where you REALLY wanted to get more done, but felt a little stuck? Have you ever wondered how some people just manage to get more things done and still have time for fun and leisure?

The thing with personal productivity is that it’s usually about taking responsibility and taking action, in spite of inconvenience or objections.  Here are a few ideas to increase productivity and unlock time and energy to get the things done that really matter:

1. Set and gently Enforce Boundaries. If you constantly agree with others and keep on pushing your personal boundaries out, the more likely it is that you will end up in a situation where you are frustrated as you are using YOUR precious time and energy to play to other’s agendas. Learn to respectfully say NO where a request is not in line with your goals, values and priorities.

2. Plan your Time. A few minutes of planning daily will help you to become more focussed. Keep a to-do list and prioritise activities. Manage your time using a diary or electronic organiser. Cluster similar activities such as dealing with emails, returning calls or taking care of routine admin.  Allocate time for significant activities and tasks in your schedule. Crossing out tasks on your list as they get done will give you a great sense of accomplishment!

3. Delegate and Outsource. To become more productive, you need to LIGHTEN your load. Use your time and energy on those tasks that you do best and where you have the most professional impact. Delegate or dump the rest.

4. Minimize Technological Interruptions.  To really get things done and be able to focus on critical tasks, you need to switch off some of the technology from time to time, such as cell phones, email and social networking sites.  You do not HAVE TO respond to all messages and calls in real time! Avoid getting sucked in by social networking sites with random games and insignificant requests.

5. Clear your clutter. Physical and mental clutter can confuse, sidetrack and overwhelm you, ultimately costing you time and money. Get rid of excess in your workspace, office and home.  Clear your information clutter by sorting and clearing your email box and limiting email and internet subscriptions to 3 -5 subscriptions that really make a difference in your life.  Keep papers organised (or delegate this to an assistant). Dump your mental clutter by using a diary or journal to write down important thoughts, ideas and reminders!

YOU have a choice how you use your time and energy. Just take ACTION!

Let me give you a challenge for YOUR business – Are there any areas where you feel “stuck” and whish you could be more productive, efficient and effective?  Select one of the ideas above that you are not implementing yet and make it a daily habit for the next week, then reflect on the difference it has made in your life.  The key is DAILY ACTION – Remember YOU are responsible for your business success!

Article supplied by: Gina Mostert, Business Strategist, Consultant & Coach

About the Author: Gina works executives, business leaders and companies in the services sector, helping them to think, plan and lead more strategically

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