Advance your Career Today – 5 Things to Do

Do you like what you do, but feel stuck in your current position? If you are serious about your professional growth and development it may be time to think about moving up and getting ahead. 

Here are 5 quick tips on advancing your career if you are not sure what to focus on next.

1. Communicate with Intent – If your employer is unaware of your desire for advancement, you are staying stuck!  Make an appointment with your boss, where you can personally connect and communicate your intentions with confidence and poise.  Emails should only be used to schedule the discussion.  Be respectful, specific and succinct.  Listen to the feedback with an open mind and take care to understand the skill, competency, experience and performance requirements.

2. Take care of your relationships – Regardless of how good you are at doing your job, you really need to get along with others in the workplace.  This means taking extra care that you demonstrate the necessary people skills to gain respect of your supervisors, peers, sub-ordinates and clients.  It is important to remain authentic, but a friendly, positive and supportive attitude goes a long way!

3. Keep refreshing your knowledge and skills – It is important to keep on learning.  You need to stay abreast of news and new trends in your industry.  Identify appropriate work- and industry related publications and set aside time on a weekly basis to read a few articles.  Seek opportunities to attend appropriate courses, conferences or seminars.  This may require a personal investment as well if it can contribute to getting the right skills and knowledge.

4. Get a Mentor and/or a Coach – Establish relationships with appropriate mentors both inside and outside your organisation. A mentor is someone who you can look up to for guidance and advice.  If your mentor has influence higher up in the organisation, this will most likely be to your benefit.  In addition to a mentor, you may further identify the need to get an accountability partner who can facilitate and support you in achieving your personal development agenda – in this case you may benefit from a formal coaching relationship.

5. Work on your Reputation – You need to be known for actively modelling the behaviours that your organisation value.  In most organisations it really helps to have a reputation of reliability, professionalism, cooperation, trustworthiness and respect for others.

Career and professional advancement will not happen by accident – it requires your decisive and deliberate action!

Take up the challenge to get clarity on your Professional Growth for the next year:

Take one clean page and set aside a few quiet minutes to write down answers to the following:

  1. What is my professional passion and purpose?
  2. What do I want to be, do and have in my professional life and career in the next year?
  3. What are my top 3 SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound) goals to achieve my professional vision?
  4. What are my action steps in the next week and month to achieve each of these goals?

Make this worksheet visible – place it where you can view it daily to remind you of your professional vision and goals!

Article supplied by: Gina Mostert, Business Strategist, Consultant & Coach

About the Author: Gina works executives, business leaders and companies in the services sector, helping them to think, plan and lead more strategically or


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