Are your Habits Serving You?

As a business coach and consultant working with different types of business ventures and individuals over the years, I’ve come to learn that not every entrepreneur or business owner has the daily habits needed to create success in their business.  When it comes to growing and succeeding in business, HABITS can either make or break us.

In essence, a habit is something we personally create by repeating a particular behaviour – something we do over and over again without really having to think about it.

Habits are essential for us to deal with routine requirements in life, but it’s also crucial to understand that our habits (or the behaviours we choose to repeat), not only shape our lives, but also shape the businesses we have.

I have no doubt there are hundreds of good habits that will lead you to success, but in my experience, the following eight top my list.

1. Take care of your health. Your business requires you to be at peak performance.  Habits of healthy eating (especially a healthy breakfast), regular exercise and enough sleep will enable you to handle stress better and cope with the day-to-day demands of your business or professional life. Ask yourself whether you are consistently taking care of your biggest asset – YOU!

2. Invest in growth and development. Highly successful small business owners invest time and money in them and in their teams. They continue learning and developing and are willing to make the required investment. No Excuses!

3. Get Organised. Success-oriented business owners and professionals usually have good time management habits. This means they are on time for meetings, take care that the paperwork gets done and have systems in place that enable them and their teams to work effectively and efficiently. Are you on top of your time management and paperwork?

4. Utilise outside help and support. High-performers know they can’t do it all on their own. They utilise external expertise when needed, get support from mentors and/or coaches to up-level their performance and know how to delegate effectively without micro-managing or losing control. Are you getting support or are you trying to do it all?

5. Stay on top of business planning, finances, facts and figures. This relatively simple habit is one of the areas where so many small business owners fall short.  Successful business owners know that consistency and focus are key. They plan the business, know their numbers and work the plan – daily, weekly and monthly. Do you know your numbers?

6. Nurture relationships. Success in business (regardless if you are an employee, entrepreneur in your own business or running a large operation) is most definitely influenced by the ability to build and maintain strong relationships. Relationships with suppliers, new prospects, existing and former clients, affiliates, service providers – everybody who plays a role in making the business successful.  How good are your follow-up habits? Are you consistently and continuously taking action to stay in touch?

7. Take decisive action. Success-oriented business owners and professionals know that procrastination is the thief of time (and money).  They are not afraid to make bold decisions and take action to follow-through! Are you taking action daily, even when it feels uncomfortable?

8. Prioritise your personal life. Success-oriented business owners balance their priorities about personal relationships, work and life.  They maintain good habits when it comes to working hours and figure out a sensible way to use their time well both at work and at home.

Do I always get this right in my own life and business? Definitely not, BUT I consistently work at the basics, as I know that good habits enable me to create better results and build a thriving business.  No excuses!

Here is my business challenge to you today: What are the habits that are serving you right now? Are there any habits you need to change?  Make a list and start taking action on them one by one, and stick to it for three weeks or more.

What are you waiting for? Just plan it, do it and keep going!

Article supplied by: Gina Mostert, Business Strategist, Consultant & Coach

About the Author: Gina works executives, business leaders and companies in the services sector, helping them to think, plan and lead more strategically or


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