Q & A with Gina

Can you tell us more about yourself and what you do?

I am a business strategist, consultant, coach and the founder of Inovizion, a Gauteng-based strategic consulting and coaching practice. I have been a business consultant for more than 20 years and a self-employed professional since 2003. Before starting up my own business, I gained more than 12 years’ management consulting experience with Accenture, one of the world’s largest management consultancies.With experience in both the corporate world and my own business, I have witnessed the complexities, time- pressures, isolation and overwhelm often associated with top jobs. I have realised over the years that people who lead in the executive or business space share many similar challenges. I understand that succeeding in business or corporate space is not always easy. We need to have strategic focus, lead with conviction, be confident decision-makers, have a powerful presence and personal brand, plus take decisive action – quite a daunting challenge!

Who are your typical clients?

I typically work with top-tier executives and professionals, results-oriented entrepreneurs and forward thinking women in business in the services sector who need a Strategic Thinking Partner to create strategic focus, plan ahead, get organised and take decisive action to implement their own version of professional- or business success.

I have experience in dealing with strategic executives and senior managers from various industries and walks of life, including Private Wealth Management, Management Consulting, IT Consulting, Tax and Auditing, Legal Services, ERP Sales, Coaching and Public Speaking, to name a few. I have a special interest in supporting professional woman (and some cool guys) who want to up-level their leadership and business performance.

My typical client plays a strategic or leadership role in his/her organisation or business.  Usually a 35+, results-oriented professional, who is quite familiar with modern technologies such as the internet, email and social media, ready for new challenges, open to new ideas and willing to shift boundaries to create remarkable results.

Specific business and private clients are also listed in About Us.

What type of person do you work best with?

Being an action-oriented planner, organiser and go-getter, I am typically known to work best with other action- and results-oriented individuals who:

  • Maintain an open mind, ready to make personal or business changes to achieve results.
  • Recognise that there is room for growth and development.
  • Are willing take personal responsibility and ownership for the required change.
  • Can make the required financial investment for coaching or consulting.

Is there any person or business for which your programs or services will NOT work?

I am selective in who I work with. From time to time, I turn away a prospective client, or even end an existing client relationship where I feel that I am unable to add value or deliver the results that a client expects.

My coaching and consulting is not suitable for individuals (or businesses) that are financially desperate. I have found that those who are under absolute financial pressure are unable to focus and follow through with strategic actions they need to progress. They tend to see their coaching or consulting fee as an expense and a pain-point, rather than an investment in their future.

Finally, I am also not willing to work with individuals with an overwhelmingly negative or sceptical mind-set, or those who have not yet assumed full responsibility for their personal actions or results.

How are you different from other coaches and consultants?

What distinguishes my services from others is my ability to creatively combine the best of consulting, coaching and mentoring, to help clients define exactly WHAT they want to be, have or do in business and HOW they intend to get there – in essence, charting a unique roadmap for their business success.

By providing my clients with practical and results- oriented solutions they are able to:

  • Rapidly gain strategic professional- and personal focus.
  • Revive professional passion, enthusiasm and confidence.
  • Improve time management and organisation, thus enhancing work-life balance.
  • Become more effective in getting clients, improving productivity and increasing profits.
  • Accelerate personal, career and business development.

Unlike other coaches, I do not offer ‘coaching-by-the- hour’, so I don’t have hourly coaching or consulting rates. Instead, I have unique consulting, coaching and creative offerings and programs to suit individual requirements, budgets and schedules.

My service commitment further sets me apart from other service providers. As consultant, mentor and coach, I make the commitment to:
  • Respect strict confidentiality at all times.
  • Deliver a professional service with programs or interventions as specified.
  • Provide quality materials and products.
  • Meet all time commitments and give my undivided attention during all subsequent coaching sessions or personal consultations.
  • Support clients in choices that are in line with their vision, values and goals.

In addition, I may offer challenges and alternative viewpoints from time to time. As appropriate, I may offer suggestions for my client to explore and investigate. It may be in the form of reading materials, business resources, worksheets, tools or inspirational materials.

I aim to meet and exceed expectations, but where I am unable to do so, I commit to inform my clients as long as possible in advance, in order to make alternative arrangements.

How do you typically interact with clients?

I use various methods to interact with my clients, including face-to-face sessions, workshops, phone (including Skype and teleconferencing), e-mail and via my website. I also use web-based assessment tools such as the Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI®) and StrengthsFinder®. Working from my office, I can have regular contact with various clients countrywide and beyond our borders. Using communications technology, I am able to connect virtually and still deliver a great service.

I am not sure what the difference is between coaching, consulting and mentoring, or which one I need. Can you explain this in a simple way?

Consulting is a specialist advisory service that identifies and/or implements specific solutions in consultation with the client. The service includes business- and strategic planning.

Coaching is essentially an ongoing, co-creative professional relationship that helps people to produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers and businesses. Coaching with Inovizion is a goal-oriented, facilitative and supportive process used to unlock potential and maximise individual or team performance.

Finally, mentoring usually involves an experienced or trusted advisor who provides specific support, guidance and leadership to an individual over a period of time.

We believe in bringing together the best of consulting, coaching and mentoring to help my clients create remarkable business results.

The following diagram explains more:

Do you use specific coaching methods, tools, systems or programs in your practice?

Yes, we utilise various programs, tools, methods and proprietary systems.The most relevant of these include:

  • Results Coaching System (NeuroLeadership Group) – As a Results certified coach, the RCS research, methods and goal- directed system guide my approach to individual and group coaching. I have however, tailored my general coaching methods over time.
  • Inovizion Leading Edge System – This unique system is based on 12 critical success factors for executives, business managers and entrepreneurs. Depending on individual needs, coaching may be provided on all or only selected success factors.
  • Inovizion Strategic Planning Process – This is a nice-step process which can be tailored to guide a strategic planning exercise. This process has successfully been used in small. medium and large organisations.
  • Inovizion Profit Formula – This simple formula, comprising five specific BUSINESS levers, enables entrepreneurs, business owners and sales- oriented executives to multiply revenue, profits and productivity in their businesses or workplaces. Depending on individual needs, I may coach on all or only selected business levers.
  • NBI® Whole Brain Assessments – This valuable tool is suitable for executives, adults and students, to understand thinking preferences and discover professional passion to guide their careers, businesses and life choices.
  • StrengthsFinder® – Working professionals can use this tool to identify their individual strengths and talents, and discover their own unique abilities to guide their businesses, careers and life choices.

In addition to the above, I have a comprehensive resource library of quick and easy-to-use templates, worksheets, tools and books, covering a broad range of business- and professional development activities. I provide these to clients as needed.

What are your product and service offerings and what is included in each?

Our various strategic consulting and coaching offerings include:

  • Strategy and Business Planning – For organisations and businesses who need a helping hand with the planning of strategic-, business improvement- or growth initiatives. We combine our proven methods and experience to guide you to confirm business context, identify key outcomes, set clear goals and map out strategies for growth. We also help our clients with implementation planning and financial modelling as needed. For some clients, we become a part-time “Strategic Director”.
    • Half / Full Day Workshops
    • Retained Services
    • Strategy Projects
  • Coaching and Mentoring – For executives, entrepreneurs, business owners and teams – A facilitative, co-creative and forward-looking process to unlock potential, maximise performance and bring about POSITIVE CHANGE. We lead clients to creatively define a clear picture of what they want in business and in life, set inspiring goals and define practical strategies to get going and achieve these goals. We also provide support to keep the momentum going or get “unstuck” when faced with business or life challenges. All our packages include a welcome pack, inspiring coaching file, notebook, NBI® and StrengthsFinder® assessment, as well as appropriate business and leadership resources. We offer:
    • Mini Strategy Session –  This facilitated one-off (3-hour) PRIVATE 1-on-1 offering enables individuals, business managers and professionals to set their personal development agenda.  Clients can re-evaluate high-priority goals and define quick-win action plans for a specific personal, career or business challenge, or get visioning, business planning, marketing or systems support. This is ideal for the busy executive who wants to jump-start the coaching and mentoring process. Here we help you to define your personal STRATEGIC PLAN!
    • Platinum Programme – A fast-paced PRIVATE 1-on-1 coaching series over a period of  6 months (3 x 90 minute sessions pm). Using proven methods and approaches, you get to define goals and co-create strategies to achieve top goals.  It also includes 3 ad-hoc laser calls for clients to get support on short notice.
    • Gold Programme – A most popular PRIVATE 1-on-1 coaching series over a period of  6 months (2 x 90 minute sessions pm). Using proven methods and approaches, you get to define goals and co-create strategies to achieve top goals.
    • Silver Programme – A basic / maintenance 1-on-1 coaching series over a period of  6 months (1 x 90 minute session pm). Using proven methods and approaches, you get to define goals and co-create strategies to achieve top goals.
  • Leading Edge Mastermind – A quality group coaching and leadership development initiative for women in business who typically have a high 6-figure or 7-figure income (or income target), are willing to invest in their success and want group support and accountability. This is an exclusive (by application) 10-month program with monthly themes and a curriculum organised around the 12 strategic success factors of the Inovizion™ Leading Edge System.
  • Leading Edge Think Tank – A facilitated, co-creative thinking and problem-solving space for business owners, directors or managers who have completed mastermind or private coaching with Inovizion. This is an exclusive (by invitation) 11-month program. Limited to 8 participants. The Think Tank includes LIVE monthly group meetings as well as informal networking opportunities before and after sessions.
  • Assessments – For individuals in all walks of life to understand thinking preferences, identify unique abilities and discover professional passion to guide career and life choices. We utilise NBI® Whole Brain assessments, and StrengthsFinder® assessments in our individual- and team/group coaching solutions.

How much does coaching or consulting with you typically cost?

As mentioned earlier, I do not offer “coaching-by-the-hour” like most other coaches.  I have unique consulting and  coaching offerings and programmes to suit individual requirements, budgets and schedules.  However, you might want to look at the following industry guidelines for coaching – The investment requried for my value-packed offerings fall well within the industry norms and boundaries:

Coaching Type Typical Monthly Investment
E.g. 4 x 1 hour sessions OR 2 x 1 ½ to 2 hour sessions
Low High
Personal / Life Coaching R 3,000 R 4,000
Business Coaching R 3,600 R 10,000
Executive: Junior Management R 3,000 R 4,000
Executive: Senior Management R 3,600 R 7,200
Executive: C-Suite R 6,000 R 10,000
Executive: Board Level R10,000+

How does payment work?

Coaching clients are typically invoiced MONTHLY in advance. VAT invoices are emailed to clients and becomes payable on presentation. Payments must be made using EFT or direct deposit into our bank account. Credit card, debit orders and installment payments, can be utilised for selected products and programmes.

I would like to work with you, how do we get started?

I invite you to a no-obligation introductory session, where we get acquainted and see how I can best support you with your unique business challenges. Please connect via our contact page and our office will respond, getting the ball rolling!

If you have any additional questions, you are welcome to send this to us via our contact page.

Ready to get started?

If you are interested in working with me and my team to Think, Plan, Lead or Grow more effectively, why not request a no-obligation introductory session, where we can get acquainted and see if we can help you?