How can We Help You?

What is your biggest challenge this year and beyond?

  • You are at a crossroad in your business or career and need an strategic thinking partner to help you find the way ahead.
  • You need to figure out WHAT is required to move to the next level and HOW it should be approached.
  • You feel isolated and wish you had a confidential sounding board to test new ideas or evaluate strategies and options.
  • You are starting up a new initiative or project and need to do some solid business- or strategic planning. Where do you start?
  • You need more business, increase profits and productivity, get organised, or create value in your company.
  • You feel somewhat overwhelmed by all the advice and information about business planning. You want PRACTICAL solutions!

If ANY of these challenges sound familiar, let me reassure you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Many individuals in positions of responsibility feel frustrated or overwhelmed when they experience difficulty in formulating or implementing practical solutions to address the challenges at hand. (I understand, I’ve been there…more than once!)

There is a solution…

We have specifically developed consulting and coaching service offerings and programmes to help business leaders and executives THINK, PLAN, LEAD and GROW more effectively.

Strategy & Planning

Strategy and Business Planning – For organisations and businesses who need a helping hand with the planning of strategic-, business improvement- or growth initiatives. We combine our proven methods and experience to guide you to confirm business context, identify key outcomes, set clear goals and map out strategies for growth. We also help our clients with implementation planning and financial modelling as needed. For some clients, we become a part-time “Strategic Director”.

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Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring – For executives, entrepreneurs, business owners and teams – A facilitative, co-creative and forward-looking process to unlock potential, maximise performance and bring about POSITIVE CHANGE. We lead clients to creatively define a clear picture of what they want in business and in life, set inspiring goals and define practical strategies to get going and achieve these goals. We also provide support to keep the momentum going or get “unstuck” when faced with business or life challenges.

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Mastermind – A quality group coaching and leadership development initiative for women in business who typically have a high 6-figure or 7-figure income (or income target), are willing to invest in their success and want group support and accountability. This is an exclusive (by application) 10-month program with monthly themes and a curriculum organised around the 12 strategic success factors of the Inovizion™ Leading Edge System.

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Think Tank

Think Tank – A facilitated, co-creative thinking and problem-solving space for business owners, directors or managers who have completed mastermind or private coaching with Inovizion. This is an exclusive (by invitation) 11-month program. Limited to 8 participants. The Think Tank includes LIVE monthly group meetings as well as informal networking opportunities before and after sessions.

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Assessments – For individuals in all walks of life to understand thinking preferences, identify unique abilities and discover professional passion to guide career and life choices. We utilise NBI® Whole Brain assessments, and StrengthFinder® assessments in our individual- and team/group coaching solutions.

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Resources – Complimentary business- and leadership development resources.

Ready to get started?

If you are interested in working with me and my team to Think, Plan, Lead or Grow more effectively, why not request a no-obligation introductory session, where we can get acquainted and see if we can help you?