Leading Edge Think Tank 2015

The Leading Edge Think Tank 2015 is a strategic thinking group specifically for experienced business owners and entrepreneurs who want to make strategic connections, do advanced thinking and participate in idea-sharing in a collaborative and co-creative setting.

Monthly meetings are at our Workshop Space, @Cnr Brooklyn & 15th Street, Unit 2. There will be time to socialise BEFORE and AFTER the sessions, so plan to arrive early and stay a little later if you want to connect informally as well….

Investment in 2015

R 250 Registration and R 750 pm x 9 months. (December is on me) Refreshments and a few surprises included.  Get access to / participate in monthly Q&A calls. Group size limited to 8 advanced thinkers (Private clients and former masterminders). By invitation only…

Think Tank Basics

In order to make this a great co-creative thinking experience for all, there are some basic principles that will be guiding the group work:

  • Keep it POSITIVE – Negativity and nay-sayers not welcome…
  • Group members remain RESPONSIBLE for their own decisions, choices, actions and thinking.  You remain responsible for your own RESULTS.
  • You are responsible to honour time commitments, take notes and make time in your schedule to IMPLEMENT steps that you agree to.
  • EQUAL AIRTIME please – Each participant should be able to participate on an equal footing, talk without being interrupted, yet honouring the talk-time allocated.
  • Keep questions and communication SUCCINCT – That is clear, sharp and to-the-point.
  • Come PREPARED. Provide context as it is APPROPRIATE.  Be SPECIFIC and INTENTIONAL when asking for inputs.  It is a good idea to have notes on your idea, question, or request for input. E.g.
    • Brief Background
    • Situation / Complication
    • Ideal Outcome
    • What do you want from the group (e.g. objective review, brain-storm options, do option analysis, test a solution, etc.)
  • When sharing information, we focus on what is RELEVANT and USEFULL to achieving our goals. Let’s keep INTERESTING discussions for breaks or afterwards – No time to get side-tracked.
  • DISCERNMENT is key – Ask for business help, advice and idea-inputs as needed. Personal dilemas should rather be kept out of the group.
  • Please maintain CONFIDENTIALITY at all times.
  • Keep an OPEN MIND – Ask more questions (rather than answers) when providing inputs for others.
  • Feedback is not criticism, and an alternative view is not a personal attack. We will always look for OPPORTUNITY in adversity.
  • Our FOCUS will always be on Vision, Strategy and Plans – we do not dwell on Drama and Detail.
  • We will reflect on what is GOOD and NEW. We will acknowledge positive aspects of achievement.
  • Group meetings will involve SHARING and LISTENING (you provide context), co-creative THINKING (others ask questions to challenge you to do the thinking), DISCUSSION (we all share experiences and and information as needed) and COMMITMENT (you decide what your next asctions will be)

Ready to get started?

If you are interested in working with me and my team to Think, Plan, Lead or Grow more effectively, why not request a no-obligation introductory session, where we can get acquainted and see if we can help you?