Leading Edge Mastermind 2015

The Inovizion Leading Edge Mastermind for 2015 is a high-quality coaching experience specifically for advancing women in business, social enterprises or entrepreneurial initiatives.

If you are worth a high six-figure+ annual income with BIG ideals, handle significant budgets, are responsible for a team and multiple resources, or are ready to step up into a bigger leadership role, you will benefit from working with a collaborative group of like-minded women.

The focus is on strategic growth and development, as well as honing leadership and business development skills, in order to strategically multiply your impact in business and/or community.

Confirmed Dates

The program formally kicks-off in MARCH 2015!

Through participation in the Leading Edge Mastermind, you have an opportunity to:

  • Formulate a strategic plan and roadmap for your own business success.
  • Regain focus in a world of ever-increasing complexity in all areas of life.
  • Conceptualise, plan and launch strategic initiatives.
  • Learn how to develop strategic relationships to create better results in your business- and life in general.
  • Strategically plan how to get more business, boost productivity and profits, without working longer hours.
  • Learn how to increase professional confidence, visibility and recognition as an authority in your field.
  • Keep your professional passion and energy flowing.

The Leading Edge Mastermind curriculum is guided by the Inovizion Leading Edge success principles:

This is a unique success system for executives, business managers and entrepreneurs. We use it to guide individual-, group- and mastermind coaching. It is based on 12 professional success factors.

These are:

  • Make personal development a priority – Time management and organisation.
  • Get personal insight into your unique abilities – Strengths finder and Preference profiling.
  • Find Strategic Focus – Creating a compelling vision and setting powerful goals.
  • Build a powerful personal brand – Branding, image, visibility and credibility, including use of social media.
  • Create and nurture strategic relationships – Networking, follow-up and staying in touch systems.
  • Communicate, connect and inspire – Communication to authentically connect with clients, lead your team and influence your peers.
  • Differentiate yourself from the rest – Your Unique Selling Proposition / Value Proposition.
  • Hone presentation and persuasion skills – Stepping up your boardroom and public speaking skills and learn how strategically close business.
  • Surround yourself with the best people – Power of association and team-building.
  • Maintain confidence and a winning mindset – Multiplier mindset.
  • Build habits that create results – Creating predictable results.
  • Nurture the leader within – Taking care of your biggest asset – YOU.


To participate in this program, it is absolutely essential to have email and internet access,      inlcuding access to skype, facebook and linked-in, and not afraid to use your computer!


What is included?

Leading Edge Mastermind

  • Getting Started Call
  • Welcome Gift
  • NBI, Strenghts Finder & Leading Edge Assessments (value R 1,500)
  • 2 x Personal Planning Sessions with Gina Mostert (value R2,000 each)
  • 8 x Monthly Laser Calls of 15 min each (value R4,000)
  • An inspirational Binder to keep all your coaching resources in one place (value R 500)
  • Personal Journal to keep all your day-to-day plans, bright ideas and inspiration in one place, value R 80
  • Monthly Live Group Meetings in Pretoria East (8.30 –12 noon once a month x 10 months, value R 1250 pm)
  • Monthly Group Calls via open Q & A Calls (8 – 9 pm, one evening per month) calls are recorded and available for download (value R 300pm)
  • Regular Business Book Reviews (Leading Edge Virtual Book Club)
  • Full access to the online Leading Edge Q & A Group (Facebook)
  • Access to Accountability Partners within the group (Optional)
  • A special celebration at our year-end event
  • Special rates on live Special Topic Training Sessions, 10% discount on additional Private Coaching.
  • Voucher to get a professional brand audit / review with Professional Designer and CI Expert, Nadia Kruger from Design Factory.
  • Special Mastermind discount on a Personal Style Session with style and image expert, Sunet Vermaak

Investment: R 500 Registration + R 1,450 pm x 10 months OR R 13,775 Upfront

Please note that investment INCLUDES VAT

Monthly fees payable in advance, strictly by Debit Order!

Optional Extra:

  • 3hr Personal Style Session with style and image expert, Sunet Vermaak. This can either be a Colour and Style Consultation, or a Wardrobe Clear-out and mix/match.  This consultation is usually offered at  R 1,350, but Mastermind clients qualify for a R 350 discount.

The Team:

In summary….

The Inovizion 100% Happy-Guarantee

I am absolutely convinced that you will not only receive EXCELLENT value in this program, but that  as a result of better strategic thinking and planning, you would be able to recover your financial investment during coaching series. I invest 100% of my commitment so you can be 100% happy.

If you participate 100% in the program and its activities, but are still not convinced (in all integrity and honesty) that you did not receive value or are unable to recover your investment in mastermind, just let me know at any time, but not later than 30 days of completing the program, and you can return all program material, be refunded and move on, no further questions asked.

*100% Participation means that you must have an up-to-date attendance record for meetings and calls, and must have completed agreed activities and accountability feedback.

Group Coaching Basics

In order to make this a great working and learning experience for all, there are some basic principles that will be guiding the group work:

  • All group members will always be RESPONSIBLE for their own decisions, choices, actions and thinking. You are responsible for your own RESULTS.  You are responsible to honour time commitments, take notes and make time in your schedule to IMPLEMENT steps that you agree to.
  • Keep questions and communication SUCCINCT – That is clear, sharp and to-the-point. Provide context as long as it is APPROPRIATE.  Be SPECIFIC and INTENTIONAL when asking for help.
  • When sharing information, we focus on what is RELEVANT and USEFULL to achieving our goals. Let’s keep INTERESTING discussions for breaks or afterwards – this is really just to ensure the group does not get side-tracked.
  • DISCERNMENT is key – You should not be sharing details about clients, employees or personal situations that are not relevant to the group. Ask for business help or advice as needed, but personal dilemas should rather be kept out of the group context.
  • Please maintain CONFIDENTIALITY at all times.
  • Mastermind should be a SAFE SPACE.  See it as a SAFETY-NET not as a CRUTCH.
  • Keep an OPEN MIND – Competition is not a threat, feedback is not criticism, and an alternative view is not a personal attack. We will always look for OPPORTUNITY in adversity.
  • Our FOCUS will always be on Vision, Strategy and Planning – we do not dwell on Drama and Detail.  Remember after analysing all  the drama and detail about a situation, you will still be exactly where you started – the same problem.
  • We will always reflect on what is GOOD and NEW. We will acknowledge positive aspects of achievement – there is limited value in providing feedback about what had NOT been done.
  • Group meetings will be a combination of LEARNING (I share business content), COACHING (I challenge you to do the thinking), MENTORING (We all share experiences), ACTIVITIES (We get practical), DISCUSSION and Q&A. From time-to time we might have a surprize guest.
  • If some of this makes you feel uncomfortable, that is good. Growth happens when you are outside your COMFORT ZONE.

With respect, if you have a problem with any of the group principles, this program is probably not right for you. Please let me know if you need clarity on any of the above.

This is what others have to say…

I was privileged to be a Mastermind client of Gina Mostert during the course of 2013.

Before working with Gina, I was just managing a small business all by myself. She became the rest of my board of directors; financial, marketing, sales, production, human resources all rolled into one, making me take up the position of Managing Director. She helped me to strategise about how to reach my goals and step-up business performance. I especially appreciate the opportunity to have had Gina guiding me through various processes to create opportunities for collaborative relationships beyond my previous exposure. She is an excellent idea-generator and creates inspiration from any challenge proposed. I especially appreciate her ability to step into my business as if she is a shareholder.

Most importantly, Gina has made me think about myself and how I project my expertise at a totally different level. I am sure that I would not have been able to recognise or take up the opportunities for expansion as they came along this year if I had not joined Mastermind.

Apart from the great friendship established between us, I would single out Gina’s ability to create a professional boardroom-like atmosphere and hence challenging all thinking and strategising to be done from that platform. Having been exposed to other Entrepreneurial development programmes earlier on, I immediately appreciated the difference. My need for business coaching was to be invited to a different ‘playground’ altogether – and Gina absolutely made that happen!

If I could have one wish granted, it would be to have Gina as a business partner….

Zerelde Uys

Managing Director, The Kaleidoprax Institute


I have known Gina Mostert since 2006, and from the moment I met her, I knew that this woman will be my rock! I have learnt so much from her, from both professional and personal points of view.

When I met Gina, I was at a crossroads in my life, and was just starting on my business. Through her guidance, I managed to establish a profitable business, but like any normal human being, I did not take some of her counsel to heart and as such, did not apply some of her advice, and as a result, I made big mistakes that cost me dearly. When I was down and out, the one person I remembered was Gina. She helped me to put a plan together which was a blueprint of how to get my life back. Not only did we put a life plan together, but we also put together a business plan that was going to help me get my business back in order. As a result of working with Gina, the business that I had lost I now have firmly put it back in place, my finances are in order, and not only that, I have managed to author two books: ‘When is Enough, Enough? Ten Things Any Aspiring Entrepreneur Needs to Know to Start and Run a Successful Business’, and ‘Breakthrough to Your Destiny: You can achieve the success you want, when you want, in the way you want: It all starts with YOU!’.

Gina will help any individual with the following:

  • Personal and Business Strategy
  • Personal life plan to get your life back
  • Specific measures that you can use to determine how successful you are in achieving your life plan
  • Monitoring plan that you can use to track your progress

As I tell everyone I meet, Gina is my rock, and will always be! I can recommend Gina to work with any individual to help them map their business and achieve results.

Morongwa Makakane

Professional Speaker, Consultant and Trainer


So, are you READY to step in to bigger leadership shoes in 2015?

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