More Confidence and Courage Today

I personally think that most people, even highly successful achievers, at some stage or another feel that they could do with a little more confidence and courage in their lives.  We live in a world where negativity often dominates the media. At both personal and professional levels we are often reminded of our weaknesses, shortcomings and what cannot be done. 

Whilst the media bombards us with subtle messages which highlight our shortcomings, we may also be reminded of what we lack by people closest to us – people who we actually rely on for encouragement and support.  These all slowly erode confidence and courage.

I know that in my own life, there have been a number of occasions where I had doubts about my own abilities, knowledge or experience.  I’d have internal conversations which ranged from “Am I good enough to do the job?” to “Surely I do not know enough to pull this off?”  I think it is quite common to have self-doubts from time to time, but the challenge is that if we do not deal with it constructively, it could start to dominate our thoughts, actions and ultimate results.

The good news is that there are a number of proven techniques that, if applied consistently and on a regular basis, can help you to move beyond fear, doubt and uncertainty, and actually push up the level of confidence and courage you already have!

Start applying the following if you are feeling stuck in the confidence and courage department:

Create a Vision Board of what you want to achieve for the year.  Make it visible and each time you accomplish a part of your vision, you can put a visible tick-mark on it.  Take some time to reflect on an achievement and find a way to celebrate.  This will help you to build the confidence and courage to take on bigger tasks and risks in the future!

Develop a Journaling habit. On a daily basis, try to keep notes of what went well that day.  This is especially important if you are dealing with challenges, difficult people or tricky situations.

Use Success Cards or Notes. This is really simple, yet very effective – Get a pack of A5 cards (or alternatively a special success notebook).  Keep this book or the box of cards next to your workspace or computer.  Every week, starting on a Monday, start with a new card or page in the book.  Make a note of the date and list daily accomplishments (a 1-line statement for each), as your days unfold.  In our busy lives, we often forget what we actually managed to get done daily, but by writing it down and reflecting on accomplishments every week, we build a sense of accomplishment.  When you are having a “low” for some reason or another, you can simply pull out the book or old cards and reflect on previous successes and accomplishments for extra confidence and courage.

For extra inspiration, you can also grab a pack of Deepak Chopra’s beautiful and inspirational Success Cards, which contain really powerful success affirmations.

Keep copies of “Kind Words”.  When you receive positive emails, compliments or great feedback from clients, customers or colleagues, take care to print it out and keep it with other testimonials or constructive feedback.  Once again, when you are having a bad day, pull out your kind-words and read, visualise and absorb the good stuff!

Share Accomplishments with others.  Tell others about successful projects or happy client experiences, and do it often!  I’m not saying you should be gloating, but there is nothing wrong in sharing true accomplishments, whilst at the same time using the opportunity to acknowledge others where it is due. Share messages of inspiration! Include it in your public talks, post it on social networks such as Facebook or include it in your newsletters.

Update your CV or Public Profile regularly.  This is an ideal opportunity to reflect on your accomplishments and the value you have added to others’ lives.  A great CV has examples of great accomplishments and instils confidence in the people who want to work with you!  If you are a professional, take care to update your LinkedIn profile as well and ask for happy clients to endorse you while you are at it!

Here is my business challenge to you today:  Do you feel you could do with a little more confidence and courage in your Life? Start by selecting 3 of the techniques above and start implementing it one-by-one, week-by-week for the next 3 weeks.  I would love to hear about the results and get your feedback.

Article supplied by: Gina Mostert, Business Strategist, Consultant & Coach

About the Author: Gina works executives, business leaders and companies in the services sector, helping them to think, plan and lead more strategically or

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admin on December 4, 2010 12:57 pm

Increased confidence and courage really shorten the route to success…

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