Empowering through Social Investment

Strategic Partnership with Lesedi la Batho

At Inovizion, we are passionate about empowering leaders to create sustainable business- and community initiatives. This passion is the key driver behind our strategic partnership with local NGO, Lesedi la Batho, who’s name in Tswana means “light to the people”. They spearhead several projects related to sport, skills training, education, community wellness, social enterprise development as well as arts and culture in Mabopane, north of Pretoria.

We provide strategic planning- and coaching support to Lesedi la Batho’s dynamic managing director, Chrisna Groenewald, and her team.

Sport as a catalyst for growth

Lesedi la Batho originated in 2004 as a project run by the SA Cares for Life NGO. Using a building rented from the North Development Corporation, the fledgling organisation provided care services to women, children and families in Mabopane.

Three years later in 2007, sport acted as a vital growth catalyst when the organisation formed the Lesedi Strikers, an informal soccer team focused on providing an uplifting recreational activity for youngsters living near the Lesedi la Batho Centre.

In 2009, members of the young soccer team took part in the largest annual international youth soccer tournament in Oslo, Norway. For the youngsters, it was an unforgettable, life changing experience.

The concept of establishing an all-encompassing youth development programme became reality with the realisation that without further investment in their lives, these aspirant young soccer players would never reach their full potential emotionally and physically. This  subsequently led to the development of a holistic youth development programme that currently reaches all the youngsters in Mabopane.

“Through sport, these youngsters experience personality and character development that open the doors for meaningful life opportunities,” – Chrisna Groenewald, Founder and MD, Lesedi la Batho.

Other core activities at Lesedi la Batho are:

  • The Pro-Active Information Programme – An effective interactive method that educates youngsters on important issues such as reproductive health, youth challenges and self esteem so they are equipped to make better life choices.
  • The Sizani Programme – A programme that offers free training sessions to unemployed and vulnerable young mothers in the community. Here they learn activities such as computer training, beading and sewing, training in baby care, child health, baking and catering to help them become financially independent, self-sufficient community members.
  • Counselling and Educational Workshops – Group support and education for unemployed and teenage mothers. Baby day care services are also offered so young mothers can continue schooling or skills training. In addition, the programme donates clothes, food parcels and disposable nappies to extremely impoverished mothers.
  • The Arts & Culture Programme – A programme which offers several activities, including art classes for talented underprivileged artists at one of the local schools.

Events and Projects

We reached out to 60 business- and professional women in our personal network to make a small contribution to empower the women and youth in Mabopane.  Proceeds were used to prepare and present 50 personal toiletry packs and 50 stationery packs to needy members of the community.


Feedback from Lesedi la Batho

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