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Failing to Plan is a Plan for Failure

Looking at figures released by the US Small Business Association in 2011, it is interesting to note that according to its surveys, 30% of small businesses will not survive their first two years in business. Even more alarming is that only 50% will make it past the five-year mark! These statistics look much better than other (unsubstantiated) ones that have been circulating in recent years, but it is still disturbingly high.

The main reasons cited for failure include:…

Stand Out – Focus on Improving Client Satisfaction!

One of the best ways to build a credible and prosperous business, is with loyal base of satisfied customers and clients. Raving fans who do repeat business, give glowing testimonials and refer others will actually become your unpaid sales-force through word-of-mouth marketing.

Unfortunately, in many industries and businesses, exceptional service is not really top of mind. Sure, there might be a mission statement that says something about “being client centric”, “customer oriented” or “customer is king”, but businesses are not always walking the talk.

Providing an exceptional client or customer experience is not difficult at all. It is about taking CONSITENT ACTION to create an authentic connection with a client or customer – focussing on the things that matter most to THEM, not you. It is really one of the easiest ways to differentiate your business in tough times!

There are obviously many ways to create remarkable client experiences, but here are my six top tips to improve client and customer satisfaction (and boost your sales at the same time).

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