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Are your Habits Serving You?

As a business coach and consultant working with different types of business ventures and individuals over the years, I’ve come to learn that not every entrepreneur or business owner has the daily habits needed to create success in their business. When it comes to growing and succeeding in business, HABITS can either make or break us.
In essence, a habit is something we personally create by repeating a particular behaviour – something we do over and over again without really having to think about it.

Rapidly Grow your Business with a Follow-up System

Success in business is often determined by getting the simple basics right. One of these basics (regardless if you are an employee, an entrepreneur in your own business, or running a large operation) is about building and maintaining strong relationships. Relationships with suppliers, new prospects, existing clients, former clients, affiliates, service providers – everybody who plays a role in making your business successful.
Yes, most of us prefer to socialise and do business with people we KNOW, LIKE and TRUST, and our relationships will determine if we are known, liked and trusted. Whilst most business people are able to connect and establish relationships, many fall short on following up and maintaining the relationships. Failure to follow up or nurture your relationships will have a direct negative impact your bottom-line and therefore your business success.

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