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Rapidly Grow your Business with a Follow-up System

Success in business is often determined by getting the simple basics right. One of these basics (regardless if you are an employee, an entrepreneur in your own business, or running a large operation) is about building and maintaining strong relationships. Relationships with suppliers, new prospects, existing clients, former clients, affiliates, service providers – everybody who plays a role in making your business successful.
Yes, most of us prefer to socialise and do business with people we KNOW, LIKE and TRUST, and our relationships will determine if we are known, liked and trusted. Whilst most business people are able to connect and establish relationships, many fall short on following up and maintaining the relationships. Failure to follow up or nurture your relationships will have a direct negative impact your bottom-line and therefore your business success.

10 Ways to Become More Client Attractive

Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to attract success? Here you are, slaving away at your business, doing the stuff marketing textbooks tell you to do and yet other businesses and professionals in your field, doing seemingly very little, has a constant queue of prospective and new clients. How can this happen? What is their secret?
Well, let me share my take on it – They are probably very CLIENT ATTRACTIVE! To some out there, Client Attraction may sound a little new age, but if you really need more clients, you may need to pay attention!
How can you become REALLY attractive to your ideal target market? What can you do to get the right people queuing up to do business with YOU?

Top Strategies for Balancing Work and Personal Life

In life and in business, most women typically have to wear many hats – that of partner, mother, daughter, career-woman, home-maker, care-taker, girl-friend…. You name it! Achieving a balanced and more fulfilled life is not always easy, yet some woman seem to pull off this juggling act better than others – How do they do it?

There is no single formula for achieving work-life balance – It is pretty much a personal decision of how you integrate the various areas of your life, as well as the ability to formulate creative solutions as you approach the challenges of multiple responsibilities and roles.

10 Things I wish I knew when I started my own Business

In essence, I’m a corporate refugee. After a thrilling and very busy corporate career of more than 12 years, I started-up my ‘own thing” a few years ago. As an independent business consultant, coach and business owner, I’m following my passion to help other businesses and executives become more successful – and yes, I continue to do work for selected corporate clients, but on my terms. Life as a business owner has been interesting to say the least, but there are a number of things I wish I knew when I started out on my own – things would have been easier if I did! Here are 10 things I wish I knew when I started my business….

Let me share my list (some things I knew of, but never realised the importance

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