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Top tips for Productive Business Meetings

You have probably attended at least a few in your lifetime. Those boring, brain-numbing time-wasting meetings that drone on forever. The meetings where nobody ever seems to get to the point and most people leave wondering why they were even present.

Well, you have to admit that meetings are sometimes a necessary evil. They play an important part in planning, preparing, communicating, influencing and concluding business. So, how can you ensure they creat great results?

Having an effective, productive meeting that leaves you energised and satisfied that you’ve really accomplished your goal is not that difficult. Here are six top tips to get the most out of your meetings.

Get Productive, Get Organised!

In business, time equals money and, as an entrepreneur or business owner, you definitely cannot afford to waste either. In recent months I’ve seen several struggling entrepreneurs and business owners wasting time and losing out on business due to poor organisation. The key to curbing unnecessary wastage is simple – Get Organised!

Rapidly Grow your Business with a Follow-up System

Success in business is often determined by getting the simple basics right. One of these basics (regardless if you are an employee, an entrepreneur in your own business, or running a large operation) is about building and maintaining strong relationships. Relationships with suppliers, new prospects, existing clients, former clients, affiliates, service providers – everybody who plays a role in making your business successful.
Yes, most of us prefer to socialise and do business with people we KNOW, LIKE and TRUST, and our relationships will determine if we are known, liked and trusted. Whilst most business people are able to connect and establish relationships, many fall short on following up and maintaining the relationships. Failure to follow up or nurture your relationships will have a direct negative impact your bottom-line and therefore your business success.

Professional Passion – Fired-up or Burnt-out?

I have a personal motto that “Life is too short not to love what you are doing”. Unfortunately, many professionals have not yet discovered their true passions and purpose, let alone aligning their business, career or life choices to these.

Let’s take a closer look at PROFESSIONAL PASSION – It is not only the fuel that gets us out of bed in the morning, but it is also an essential differentiator in determining our probability to succeed in the long-run!

Outsourcing to Increase Productivity and Save Time

Most small business owners and entrepreneurs are familiar with the situation. You feel you totally overwhelmed with the multiple roles and responsibilities you have in your own business. The more business you do, the more time you have to spend on “stuff” that are not your core business or “stuff” that you are not really good at. The result? You have less time for running and developing the actual business and doing what you are really good at.

Many small business owners feel that they just cannot justify employing dedicated people to focus purely on administrative, logistical or back-office tasks. As a matter of fact, most of us do not want the responsibilities and headaches that are associated with a full-time workforce!

There are a number of ways to deal with these challenges, regardless if you are a start-up, growing or established business. Some of the options include outsourcing, joint-ventures, contracting or virtual assistance.

Speaking Boosts Credibility and Builds Your Personal Brand

Speaking is really one of the most powerful ways to attract ideal business prospects and grow your business. It gives you the opportunity to connect, boost your credibility and create trust – all essential requirements to do business. After all, if you are the specialist in specific field, speaking gives you an opportunity to shine your light, share your knowledge and give others the opportunity to get to know you and what you stand for!
Unfortunately public speaking is also one of the most intimidating activities. Research has even shown that for the majority of people, public speaking is feared more than death! It need not be this way.
Because first impressions are lasting, you would want to make the most of each speaking opportunity, SO here are 7 simple tips to capture your audience’s attention, connect, make a great impression and inspire prospects to take action.

Dealing with Non-Paying Clients or Customers

Most business owners will agree that having to deal with late- or non-payment is one of the least exciting aspects of being in your own business. Unfortunately for most of us, outstanding payments can happen at any time, with any clients – even those that used to be ideal clients at some stage.

Failure to effectively deal with non-paying clients can potentially lead to the failure of your business as a whole – SO, how can it be prevented and what is the best way to deal with non-paying clients or customers?

Procrastination is the thief of time, amongst other things

We are all too familiar the proverb “Procrastination is the Thief of Time”. Well, today I would like to add that, in business and in life in general, it is also the thief of energy, enthusiasm, creativity, productivity and ultimately money and success. Read more about the symptoms and strategies to deal with it…

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